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These days, everybody depends on a computer or on some kind of gadget. Office files, contacts, photos, videos, movies, and music are all somehow stored in a computer or some kind of device, like a smart phone. Let’s face it; we are all dependent on technology these days.

Well, that’s good for us here at mscourse.com because we are eager and excited to share with you tips and tricks on how to marry your computer with some amazing software that’s out in the market. We have a lot of tips up our sleeve. But at this point, we would like to remind you that our website is strictly governed by the following terms and conditions stated below.

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We would like to state that once you access mscourse.com, you are immediately using our services. That automatically binds you to our terms and conditions.

Our articles provide useful tips and information. You are more than welcome to read our articles. You can certainly learn from them. However, all the information we offer here are for your own personal use only. Sharing them on other websites will entail you to contact us first for permission. We do not allow any unauthorized sharing of our articles on other websites.

What we offer you here on our website are tips and tricks that can help you maximize the use of your computer. Consider us your geeky handymen you can always run to. You can get with us by using the contact form and we will make it easy for you to understand what we have to say. We have been working in the tech world for the longest time and we’re pretty confident to offer you effective and easy-to-follow tips.

However, do not abuse our website by sending us questions or opinions that have nothing to do with computer tech. You can always use our website so long as you use it accordingly.

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You agree NOT to do the following:

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Updates and Effectivity

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We will not be informing you about updates thru email. All updates will be posted here and will immediately take effect.