Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy states what kind of data we are able to collect from our visitors, how we are able to collect them, and how we manage to protect them. It is crucial that our visitors read our privacy policy before accessing and using our website,

Data Collection

Just like any website,, collects data from visitors. Even if we don’t intend to, we are still able to.

Posting Comments

Each time our visitors post a comment; they share some personal data with us. These are the following:
• Name;
• Email address; and
• IP address.

These personal data are required for a comment to be processed by our website.

Sending a Message

Each time our visitors use our contact from to send us a message, they share with us their name and email address. These personal data are required so that the contact form can be properly submitted to us.

What The Cookies Do

Even if our visitors do not post a comment or do not share a message, is still able to access their IP address. This is because of the cookies in the computer.

Cookies are able to store the visitors’ data. They store whatever kind of data collected as text files. IP addresses of the computers are also stored in the cookies as text files. It is for this reason that websites are able to access IP addresses of the many visitors they receive onsite.

The collection of IP addresses is critical. IP addresses can be used to identify and to locate a visitor. In case a visitor violates the terms and conditions and further investigation is needed, we will not hesitate to hand over the IP address to the proper authorities.

But if there are no violations of our terms and conditions, IP addresses are never exchanged, revealed, or distributed to anyone or to any institution for that matter.

We own the data collected from our visitors. It is for that reason that we will protect all the data collected by our website. Sensitive data will never leave our website. Our visitors can rest assure that no other website, company, or individual will ever have access to their personal data.