Microsoft’s Operating System Needs Some Rethinking

At least, that is what this looks like to me. This particular computer manufacturer is probably one of the most arrogant and ignorant suppliers I have ever dealt with when it comes to imposing their will on their customers. To actually listen to their customers and roll back their ‘Vista only’ policy to allow people to buy XP with their new computer once again suggests that all is not well with Microsoft’s new operating system to say the least.

Please bear with me while I take a quiet moment to say “I told you so” to the folks at Redmond:

[Taken from] “In a statement last week, Microsoft said such a move (Dell selling the old OS) is normal after a new operating system comes out.

“Windows Vista is safer, easier to use, better connected and more entertaining than any operating system we’ve ever released, and we’re encouraged by the positive customer response we’ve seen to date,” the company said. “It’s standard practice to allow OEMs, retailers and system builders to continue offering the previous version of Windows for a certain period of time after a new version is released.”

I have only two comments to add here. Firstly, this doesn’t explain why Dell stopped selling XP and then started again. Secondly, note the comment :” more entertaining than any operating system we’ve ever released”. Right there is the problem with Vista I think. I don’t buy an operating system to be entertained, not even at home where I’m trying to relax. I buy an operating system because I need one to get things done.

And the entertainment isn’t even very well done. Take Windows DreamScene for example (please someone take it!). The wonderful opportunity of a lifetime to have distracting movies playing on your desktop instead of static wallpaper, for everyone who buys a computer just to load up the desktop and not run a program ever. Erm OK. And better still, as stupid as this idea is, it doesn’t even work properly. Dreamscene crashes so often here that I can only assume it contains, well, an entire vista of bugs.

Also another area of concern for Microsoft should be XBox 360 quality control. This post came from a XBOX / Microsoft advocate, who apparently thinks that the Wii is a joke. At least the Wii works and doesn’t deafen everyone in a half mile radius of ground zero when powered up.

Something is very wrong in Redmond. Everyone should be worried – even Linux advocates (After all, were Windows to disappear then who would you steal your UI interface from? Apple have angry lawyers you know).

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