Installed Vista RC1 on My MacBook

So I finally got around to installing Vista RC1 and Office 2007 B2TR on my MacBook. I’ve got some great screenshots in the photo gallery, and it’s looking quite good. There really is some kind of delicious irony in the Apple Mac being one of the best Vista test platforms that I’ve used. For anyone who is interested, here are some videos of UAC and Aero graphics in action on the Mac.

Vista installed easily enough using the lastest beta of Bootcamp, and runs quite well indeed on a MacBook. About the only criticisms I can find so far are that the keyboard mappings could be better (but then any laptop keyboarding is a compromise), and that the Mac touchpad loses the Apple right-click ability (but then support for this was only just added in BootCamp for XP) which is easily fixed by plugging in a mouse. I’m still not sure I actually like Vista, but at least if I’m forced to run it, I know that I can do so easily enough.

Everything seemed quite fast and responsive working with this system, both at the keyboard and over terminal services. Of course you might say “As well it ought to!” when you consider my system specs, but still, we’ve heard FUD about how every single computer on the planet will be rendered obsolete by Vista and in the face of that, it’s nice to see that a computer that wasn’t designed to run any version of Windows will quite happily turn out top notch performance with Vista.

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