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Online Backup First Prior To Cleaning Your Computer

online-backup-computerHere’s something that I got in my inbox:

How do I remove the unnecessary programs running in the background of my computer. When I look at my task manager under processes I see there are loads of programs running I don’t know which ones to take off and how to. Can you please help me with a easy way off only running the necessary programs needed to run my computer. Thank you so much if you can help. Andrew

Well now, limiting our discussion to Windows XP and 2000 and the like, it does run a lot more at startup, if you were used to what the likes of Windows 98 and ME told you in the past. This is partially because 98 & ME hid a lot of information and XP doesn’t, and mostly because 2000 and XP are far more sophisticated.

Operating systems these days are far more sophisticated because our needs are more sophisticated, and they have to cope with whatever a new user throws at them so a lot of stuff has to run at startup because it doesn’t know what you want to do and has to be able to cope with whatever you throw at it.

That said, if you know what your needs are and what you can switch off, there is a very good guide written by a guy named Black Viper. His site isn’t around now, but has been reproduced in lots of places. This is a nice starting point here.

One thing that you have to make sure is to backup everything on your computer prior to making some major changes. According to the Carbonite offer code experts at, a lot of people make the big mistake of not backing up all their computers prior to making any major changes such as cleaning up the hard drive of unnecessary programs.

Check out the video below to learn about Carbonite online backup.

Online backup solutions are very affordable and should be part of your arsenal of tools for business continuity and redundancy, which is very important for the survival of your business. On a personal level, you also have to make sure that you backup your computers to make sure that you do not lose any important data or software from accidental removal.

You can always invest in online backup solutions for your personal use through the use of an offer code discount on Carbonite. Now for businesses, a better way to get started is to use an offer code for Carbonite business, which is no doubt worth the investment. These solutions are all Windows compatible and will not affect the performance of your computers as they have low memory usage as work in the background while you are using your computer.

Again, it is important that you backup your computers prior to doing some necessary cleaning just to make sure that you have some backup in case something wrong happens to your computer.

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Installed Vista RC1 on My MacBook

So I finally got around to installing Vista RC1 and Office 2007 B2TR on my MacBook. I’ve got some great screenshots in the photo gallery, and it’s looking quite good. There really is some kind of delicious irony in the Apple Mac being one of the best Vista test platforms that I’ve used. For anyone who is interested, here are some videos of UAC and Aero graphics in action on the Mac.

Vista installed easily enough using the lastest beta of Bootcamp, and runs quite well indeed on a MacBook. About the only criticisms I can find so far are that the keyboard mappings could be better (but then any laptop keyboarding is a compromise), and that the Mac touchpad loses the Apple right-click ability (but then support for this was only just added in BootCamp for XP) which is easily fixed by plugging in a mouse. I’m still not sure I actually like Vista, but at least if I’m forced to run it, I know that I can do so easily enough.

Everything seemed quite fast and responsive working with this system, both at the keyboard and over terminal services. Of course you might say “As well it ought to!” when you consider my system specs, but still, we’ve heard FUD about how every single computer on the planet will be rendered obsolete by Vista and in the face of that, it’s nice to see that a computer that wasn’t designed to run any version of Windows will quite happily turn out top notch performance with Vista.

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