Online Backup First Prior To Cleaning Your Computer

online-backup-computerHere’s something that I got in my inbox:

How do I remove the unnecessary programs running in the background of my computer. When I look at my task manager under processes I see there are loads of programs running I don’t know which ones to take off and how to. Can you please help me with a easy way off only running the necessary programs needed to run my computer. Thank you so much if you can help. Andrew

Well now, limiting our discussion to Windows XP and 2000 and the like, it does run a lot more at startup, if you were used to what the likes of Windows 98 and ME told you in the past. This is partially because 98 & ME hid a lot of information and XP doesn’t, and mostly because 2000 and XP are far more sophisticated.

Operating systems these days are far more sophisticated because our needs are more sophisticated, and they have to cope with whatever a new user throws at them so a lot of stuff has to run at startup because it doesn’t know what you want to do and has to be able to cope with whatever you throw at it.

That said, if you know what your needs are and what you can switch off, there is a very good guide written by a guy named Black Viper. His site isn’t around now, but has been reproduced in lots of places. This is a nice starting point here.

One thing that you have to make sure is to backup everything on your computer prior to making some major changes. According to the Carbonite offer code experts at, a lot of people make the big mistake of not backing up all their computers prior to making any major changes such as cleaning up the hard drive of unnecessary programs.

Check out the video below to learn about Carbonite online backup.

Online backup solutions are very affordable and should be part of your arsenal of tools for business continuity and redundancy, which is very important for the survival of your business. On a personal level, you also have to make sure that you backup your computers to make sure that you do not lose any important data or software from accidental removal.

You can always invest in online backup solutions for your personal use through the use of an offer code discount on Carbonite. Now for businesses, a better way to get started is to use an offer code for Carbonite business, which is no doubt worth the investment. These solutions are all Windows compatible and will not affect the performance of your computers as they have low memory usage as work in the background while you are using your computer.

Again, it is important that you backup your computers prior to doing some necessary cleaning just to make sure that you have some backup in case something wrong happens to your computer.

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Microsoft Virtual Server To Enhance Productivity

I’m sure you’ll all remember a few months ago when I talked about how VMWare were releasing their VMWare Server product for free. Quite a few people talked about this at the time, and wondered what this meant for Microsoft’s growing virtualization product line.

Well I guess now we know. Microsoft have responded with the release of Virtual Server as a free product which you can download or order on disk from their website.

Far more interesting perhaps is the long awaited release of Virtual Machine additions for Linux and the announcement of a service pack for Virtual Server R2, due to shortly go into the beta phase.

Lots of people have speculated that last year, or maybe this year, or maybe next year will be the ‘year of virtualization’. It seems that VMWare, Carbonite, and Microsoft are keeping up the pace of the game  and other players including some well supported open source alternatives are joining the crowd too.

Incidentally, Carbonite has been in the forefront of the cloud backup industry with its virtualization and backup technology. Its Carbonite pro solutions backup package for the small business market has been gaining a lot of momentum with IT professionals.

The company’s Carbonite server backup bundle has also been enjoying some strong demand from mid-sized companies. So if you are in the market for Carbonite Business solutions, make sure that you get hold of the Business Carbonite offer code featured on some technology sites. It’s really worth using them.

Personally, while a technology is still talked about for its own sake then to my way of thinking it isn’t fully mature yet. Once something has evolved enough to be something that is just used without needing too much thought on the part of the average user then it’s arrived. I’m not sure virtualization is quite there yet, but maybe it won’t be long.

So what comes next? There are a couple of interesting gaps in the product line ups here that might get filled soon:

virtual-server-physical-serverMicrosoft has not yet released Virtual PC for the Intel Mac. Rumours that Apple are releasing a hypervisor layer, if not an outright virtualization layer in Leopard, and that the two things are somewhat intertwined just won’t die.

VMWare, of course, don’t have a product in the Apple space at all. The longer they take to announce one, the more credability the rumour above gains.

Microsoft don’t currently have a product that competes in the VMWare ESX Server space, which is where a lot of serious work gets done. Maybe this will be addressed by the time Longhorn Server manages to sloth its way onto the release schedule, because of course such a produce still needs an underlying OS of some kind, and I’m damn sure Microsoft aren’t about to roll with a Linux Kernel if they can possibly help it.

Open Source products are playing catch-up. But catch up they will. At the moment, it maybe isn’t possible to build an “enterprise quality” virtual solution completely from Open Source components – a state which the OSS community will work damn sure to correct. Oh, if it does interest you, you can check out this referral code for Ringcentral just in case you decide to use this virtual phone solution for your business.

So… what to do, what to do? I’ll tell you one thing newbie – if you haven’t already downloaded at least one of the two big free virtualization products to see what the fuss is about, then you’re missing out on something that you need to deal with one way or another. Run, don’t walk, to the VMWare and Microsoft websites and check out the two free products side by side for yourself.

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On Broken SSL’s And More

Seems that there has been some rumbling that SSL encryption has been broken recently, which is quite interesting and would be a major threat to things we are all just starting to take for granted such as online shopping and banking, privacy and other important issues that people take for granted. For those who don’t know what SSL is, it is that ‘little padlock thing’ in your browser that you’ve always been told means that the website you are visiting is secure.

Now this is scary stuff and a true break of the SSL encryption routines would be a tragedy, but that isn’t quite what has happened here. What we have here is a trojan that uses “pharming” (targeted hacks looking for specific things, in this case connections being made to online banks).

The recent fuss revolves around a targeted hack attack using a particular trojan that sits between you in front of your computer and the data you send to secure website, and in this position it can intercept and monitor your traffic without having to actually “break” your encryption. Note that this is a very simplified “layman’s terms” explanation of what happens, technical explanation here.

So where does this leave us? It is perhaps worth recapping what SSL is and what SSL isn’t at this point: Some people attribute that ‘little padlock thing’ with super powers that guarantee that nothing can go wrong with their transaction and that just isn’t true. SSL is a way of providing a secure and encrypted ‘tunnel’ between a web server and a web browser on the Internet.

ssl-cloud-services-backupThink of SSL like your local mail posting service offering a guarantee that certain letters can be sent to and from certain destinations securely. That is all SSL offers – it is a very important offering to be sure, but it only guarantees part of your security.

A SSL connection doesn’t know about the fact that your computer has a trojan on it, generating a SSL proxy performing a Man In The Middle attack. It only provides secure communications between two points and can’t know that someone is reading your secrets over your shoulder before you send them, so to speak.

A SSL connection can verify that the tunnel goes to the correct web server, which is great, but what if the correct web server has been hacked? Again, an unauthorised person reading your secrets over the shoulder of the person that you are talking to isn’t the fault of the post office.

SSL cannot tell you if the secure connection goes to the correct web server and it hasn’t been hacked, but the data is stored insecurely at the web server because the business you are dealing with is staffed by idiots. It isn’t the fault of the post office if the person who receives your secret mail tapes a copy to their window for every passer-by to read.

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